Dying from the acid rain
Some trees are marked by crosses
Painted on their boles.
The trees will perish long before their time;
Few leaves will grow
And will prematurely brown …and fall
Before due season.
Memorials, like epitaphs on graves
These trees! Symbolic of man`s folly
They stand in misery .
Death is air-borne, long before the Fall,
B poisoned wind and rain.
A stunted growth and aspect miserable …
Instead they should be glorious, green, luxuriantly leaved;
Broad boughed and sturdy; shaped by no man.
A travesty of nature – they hang their heads
Suffocating from the smoke and fumes
Of rushing traffic.
Even the light`s polluted…
Darkened and deprived of oxygen
Their sunlight`s harmful through the ozone gap.
In them I see….
The struggle of the sea birds, immobile in the slick;
Fish choking in dead rivers
Aquatic plants expiring in the filth

A thousand year life
of nuclear waste
For evanescent profit

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D