“Let`s recreate the world of art and artists.”
Said Dante Gabriel Rossetti,
“by looking at the glories of the past .
We are the unacknowledged legislators
As Shelley said, because we have a vision….
And a duty to the past of re-interpretation.”
“Great artists stand the test of time
perenially alive; let`s draw from them
our inspiration and our force.
The Renaissance! Time of flowering genius
And achievement unsurpassed in every art.”
“Itself a rebirth,” said his friend Millais
“a looking back : the glory that was Greece
and the grandeur that was Rome.”
“How high is aspiration? When Angelo, da Vinci
and Raphael beckon. The age produced its genius
from Golden Ages past. Cervantes, Dante, Shakespeare
will be our icons. With Ruskin, Hunt and Morris
we can renew and rescue from degeneracy
the creative arts. Since Raphael nothing shines.
Before, supremacy was reached through worthy
subjects, a moral lesson pointed.
Let this be our way too. The subject is all…
In architecture as in painting,
If art fulfills its mission.”
“Dedication`s needed for allegiance
to this cause, Gabriel, if….”
“We are to succeed? We`ll call ourselves
Pre-Raphaelites, a Brotherhood
Devoted to things past.”

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D