Last night I saw a green effulgence
With central flashing fire.
Something gleamed bronze; the likeness of three men appeared
Who sparkled like burnished silver.
Now lion-like, now eagle, now humanoid – their faces changed
In my distorting mirror.
The only light upon the moor shone from them brilliantly
Otherwise there was nothing.
They held what looked like burning coals of fire, torches
That scattered lightning.
Their clothing shone like crystal and sparkled as they flew
not walked, the ground
I could not speak, nor move; in my petrifaction I could hear
The sound of many waters
Like thunder now, then like the sound of battle.
I looked up and shining like a sapphire was a space ship
Or so I thought.
The strange effulgence changed into a spectrum, the colours
Of the rainbow.
Terrified, I heard a voice addressing me in cultured English tones,
“Earthman , we wish to speak with you.”
They spoke of: plans to colonise the world but live in harmony;
And of many more to come,
Whose advent I would herald from my pulpit, informing an
Astounded race.
Blinded by the light and terrified , I tried to speak
But was unable.
As quickly as they came they left the scene, the earth
Which they had visited,
Till all I saw was like a star, a point of light , vanishing
Into the universe.
I cannot speak of my encounter with these ex-terrestrials
And expect belief.
A man of God…they must have known; why chose me otherwise?
The Cloth has its conventions, too weak to disregard,
I must keep my word however
To beings of another, wiser world in the divine creation
But conscious of a delphic utterance
I swear that what I saw and heard that night
Is true.

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D