Parties can be boring but this one wasn`t.
Better when nobody knows anybody
So no cliques are formed and no “in” talk develops
Round shared experiences and mutual acquaintances.

Nothing`s worse than this. Except a gathering of relations.
Then expect to be an outsider looking in
As sibling talks to sibling and babbles on of family matters
Inconsequential and meaningless to you.

No, the best`s when all are strangers; in this way there is an
Equal chance of making friends for the occasion.
Of course the hosts are known whose duty is to introduce
And ease converse; each guest can then relate.

This social gathering was on New Year`s Eve; some dozen people.
Couples help: you don’t feel then obliged to talk with odd ones out
To make them feel included.
But people on their own are more expansive.

Pleasant faces rather than pretty; proportioned figures than
Attractive; well-dressed rather than fetching; long skirts
Rather than short; high necklines than low: do not excite the gender
Urge and qbviate attention on attracting.

That`s not to say that thoughts are always on an elevated plane
What price dressing-up and hair-do`s then?
I`ve often wondered what is the woman`s view: how THEY regard
The men? Exchange of pleasantries is all?

Maybe the sexual aspect does not enter (it does with most men)
And males are thus regarded: tall or short; fat or thin;
Old/er or young’ dark or fair ; amusing or dull; and so on
Along these lines.

“Chatting-up”: the male domain?
Perhaps women are more shy – reserved, I should say;
Maybe “circumspect” is the better word. On second thoughts
The quality of SUBTLETY is distinctive of the female.

“Read the signs” is the message, overt or understood, for
telling how you stand. An interest in what you do is an
encouraging sign ; conversely, no interest or no query is
equally a sign, but not encouraging.

Discovering mutual activities, enlisting aid, is promising.
None of which I managed. But as I say , the the party was not boring.
The eats and drinks were very good.
The music even better.

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D