Like a constantly changing shadow, the earth evolves;
a modern world’s ephemeral in its universe,
just another planet in countless billions.
One only truth is yesterday, written in stone;
one other is the future, written on the walls.
Today is never constant, a changing sea
of hopes and disappointments, altering
the boundaries of our thoughts.
Infinitely flying through space,
our world has no meaning on a cosmic scale
but with the Metaphysicals
we must see all things sub specie aeternitatis
to get a balanced view.
A world made easier than it was
but yet a world more complex;
science is a two-edged sword
and religion’s single bladed.
Like appetite, growing on what it feeds,
Greed for resources is insatiable
-by the first world; then the third.
Into the monster’s maw we pour
Our fruits; regardless of tomorrow
We are children called to play.
This consuming monster, like a
Centaur , needs his victims for assuagement.
Confronting just in time the danger,
We can avoid the retribution
Of the goddess Earth, by conserving
Her resources and preserving for posterity
The modern world, entrusted to us.

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D