The greatest invention since sliced bread is:
Rock and roll music, word processing
And personal computers;
Theories of relativity, or dynamite;
Rockets to the moon.
Or liberation in literature
Since Lady Chatterley`s trial.
All things we value, we declare
Are the best since bread was sliced
So nothing can compare with bread itself
That`s ready sliced.
Sliced bread for toasting
Or for cucumbers
Or if stale, for puddings;
It comes in mighty white or natural brown
Conveniently in slices.
Not fifty years ago
Only the loaf unsliced could be obtained
Which tested skill and patience equally
And the sharpness of the knife.
The slices thick and thin by turns
With bigger on one side ;
Sliced bread`s the standard
To adduce
When something new`s invented.

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D