It is of course easier to discuss mankind`s past, remote though it may be (appropriate to our study) than to contemplate the future.  At least when we were talking about the past of  Man we had something to go on, however tenuous, and it was/is possible to consider various events in history in the light of modern scholarship. We were able to give them (the events) an interpretation – whether acceptable or not is in the province of the individual reader. The future is entirely different; in fine, trying to describe what may happen is not (in the time honoured expression)  an exact science – BUT it is not pure speculation although it is speculation. We do have experience to base matters on – on the hand, and imagination on the other. We also know the present conditions –and what they may lead to. These conditions are a mix of the natural (of the world) and of the man made. It is possible to prognosticate based on the evidence we have; we may consider what is possible (I do not say “likely”): the conclusions reached may be realistic and fateful; on the other hand they may be wide of the mark and fanciful. But who is to know unless he/she lives a thousand years –or unless Mankind still exists in the distant future.
Any speculation about the future is inevitably (as we have said) based on the past.
And in the past, gods and giants loomed large (no pun intended). This study will in this final chapter return to its early consideration: evidence for “gods”/”God” and giant beings. Will they once more return to dominate or instruct Man in future ages? Will their time come again when conditions are ripe? Is mankind`s present civilisation doomed to extinction – as civilisations in history (and prehistory) were? Is it sensible to envisage a new civilisation – with “new” races,  – even a new species (of homo sapiens) or a return to a type of homo erectus. These are fundamental questions. Whether they can be answered convincingly is another matter.

In this millenium:
We will communicate with each other without the use of technological devices but through the power of our minds.
Society will learn to get beyond the stultifying divisions of race and skin colour to create a new age of social justice.
People will communicate with life on planets outside our solar system.
Oil will become obsolete as a fuel and the ocean will offer up its riches.

     Consummations devoutly to be wished! Optimistic statements indeed – by the greatest seer and prophet of our age, Edgar Cayce, who was always buoyed by his unshakeable faith in God, Jesus and the Bible. However, all was not always for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Ultimately, yes, Man had a great future – but only if he lived by biblical precepts. An unbeliever might not be so sanguine.


Cayce died in 1945, but in his lifetime spoke of the 1998 shift in the earth`s axis which seems to have caused some changes in the earth`s climate: changes that may have been effected by  the weakening of the magnetic field that shields the earth from solar winds and cosmic rays. One result is the raising of world-wide temperatures and reducing the ozone layer.
Essential to a civilised society is a one-world consciousness: nations must come together to solve the ecological and environmental problems of our world. This New Age is a promise of change. Changes of the past are an omen of our need for a global community. Maybe, a rise in spiritual values would be a reassuring sign. The Biblical prophets foreshadowed events of the world, but nowhere, claims Cayce, is there any clear prophecy of the end of the earth, but only of an end of the beginning.As we have said, by and large, Cayce was optimistic about the future – but with the proviso that we all of us conduct our affairs on Christian principles. He therefore foresaw a thousand years of peace (for the present millenium) after a somewhat turbulent beginning. For him the world generally is still being created. Therefore there is no foreseeable end because as he believed the world was created in the image of the Creator.  He (the Creator) alone could save the his Creation – through right living Man, for was not Man made in his divine image? Nevertheless, the thought of war and violence was never far from his consciousness (or more correctly his subconsciousness: he is referred to as “The Sleeping Prophet” because his words of wisdom seemed to come when he was detached as it were from his immediate surroundings). A quote at this point is opportune:

“If it comes to violence, what then? How does the Lord feel about the weaponry man has fashioned, as in long ago Atlantis? Enough to extinguish himself from his earth, as was done in another place. …when He decides to intervene His ire will be sure…For He cannot allow His children to again destroy what He built…But they know the signs…they toy with forces beyond their control…” (Quoted page 195 . ON THE MILLENIUM, Warner Books, 1998)

Fateful words indeed, but representative of some of Cayce`s utterance.


     We could now look at a less optimistic scenario in our search to imagine the future for man. Reliance on the Deity is not, we recognise, the answer for everybody.
No matter how good living Man might turn out to be, asteroid and comet impact cannot be deflected by trust and, as we know, can wipe out a civilisation. Not only this but the aftermath can be just as bad: earthquakes, plate movements, poleshifts, climate change. Broadly speaking, earth maintains its equilibrium century after century. Its atmosphere is all important: the presence of life is essential to this stasis. At present we live in a more or less harmonious relationship with this living world (plants and animals) and with inanimate nature also. Any catastrophe would involve the total or partial destruction of this relationship.
There is much talk now of the destruction of the ozone layer by Man`s reckless use of CFCs (chemicals released into the atmosphere). Ozone is necessary for the preservation of life as it acts as a shield against dangerous ultraviolet radiation. This could in turn impinge on food supplies as many life forms are sensitive to any increased radiation. Then there is global warming, to some extent a concomitant of ozone depletion. This “greenhouse effect” (as it is called) is the result of tampering with the atmosphere by the over production of CFCs, methane, carbon dioxide. One result of this warming is a shift in climatic patterns and ocean currents. The Gulf Stream for example may change its direction with harsh consequences for the British Isles. Sea levels will inevitably rise with the advent of global warming submerging much land


     Impact by a huge asteroid or comet, whether in the sea or on land would also occasion great destruction and ironically could bring about a new Ice Age due to the blocking of the sun`s rays by dust and cloud. Fortunately, for the near future it does not appear a cometary collison is likely. On the other hand, what is a hundred years in Man`s history? Study of the past reveals to what extent catastrophe has formed both our planet and our civilisation: some of the threats we can do something about – or try – but some we can do nothing about – as yet!

     We may consider a few very relevant issues appertaining to man`s future. Do we think man will dominate space one day? Will science discover a way of bringing people back to life? Will we colonise new planets and mate with their inhabitants? Will we create new Earths? Will life be prolonged indefinitely with artificial organs?
Some of the questions posed by Daniken in 1968; no doubt we could add to them now.

     It is possible to surmise now in the light of present awareness that religious  philosophy has down the ages imparted a distorted interpretation to events that should have been taken literally. For example the promise of “gods” in “heaven” that if we found them peace and happiness would be ours – a burden of all religions. Maybe the “gods” hope that once humanity has conquered space the realisation of how insignificant we are will dawn and that narrow nationalism will evaporate.

     “The challenge of the galaxy” – a fine phrase used by Hancock when writing about the possibility of outer space collision – and our ability to do something about it. We are unlikely to achieve anything positive in this regard, says Hancock, as our history shows. His sentiments are not just pessimism: they are intended as a warning. (See THE MARS MYSTERY).
Many people believe that UFOs (if they exist) pose a threat to humanity; just as many think they could be benevolent. The latter position is summed up by Jenny Randles in STAR CHILDREN where  she says that the failure of UFOs to communicate lies in the fact that they wish to help the human race to better itself – but subtly. They (the occupants of UFOs) puzzle, challenge, test us so that we  have to raise our consciousness (from the mundane).

     Ufos therefore may have the intention to warn us – or to watch (over) us. Possibly they know of a future catastrophe which one day will overtake the earth. If this event happens, our civilisation will end and Man will in all probability have to start a long climb back, starting from the (few) survivors. This catacysm could be brought about by cometary or suchlike collision, but it could be by a tremendous shifting of the earth`s techtonic plates. Unfortunately there are several scenarios. As Hancock writes in FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS, p. 500 ) : “Could the recondite influences of gravity, when combined with our planet`s precessional wobble, the torsional effects of its axial rotation, and the rapidly growing mass and weight of the Antarctic ice-cap, be enough to spark off a full-scale crustal displacement?”
Many books and articles seem to be concerned with a domesday scenario as far as the future of the world is concerned. Perhaps it is easier to talk of forthcoming disaster than to talk of a rosy future for Man. In the light of modern knowledge and the growing “science” of “futurology” pessimistic forecasts appear to be more likely, more feasible, and there is always the frisson of  “I told you so”! Warnings about the future abound in literature, ancient and modern – as in the Old Testament prophecies.


Possibly the favourite “candidate” for Man`s demise is currently nuclear war which will result in “mutually assured destruction”. This is all too possible with countries around the world developing (or having developed) the bomb. This could result in the annihilation of humanity (or most of it).Other favourites are the consequences of depleting the ozone layer, and climate change – though the latter will not happen overnight. Another serious contender is the prospect of uncontrolled population growth, which if it continues, will bring serious famine (as we see now in some parts of the world) until the stage is reached when all lands will be unable to feed their people –unless some “miracle” solution to the problem is found. We have  discussed already dangers from space: meteors, comets and the like.
However, there are grounds for optimism (albeit qualified). We can trust (with Cayce) in the supreme and ultimate beneficence of God`s will – and his plan for us. After all, we are his creation (if we so believe.) Maybe a religious view of Man`s future is comforting, provided we live by his  and Christ`s law. In the Bible we may read of the “binding” of Satan for a thousand years. Maybe the thousand years comprise this millenium. An interpretation of this strange expression is that Satan`s activities will be “suspended” during this time. Of course this entails belief in the Scriptures as the infallible word of God. If, however, a Second Coming materialises ( in the near or distant) future, then we shall all be put out of (or into!) our misery (about our fate).
If mankind does experience a catastrophe, of one kind or another, it is highly unlikely there will be no survivors. Remnants will remain who, it is hoped, will be capable of building up civilisation anew. But will this new civilisation be the same as before? Will the personnel have the same characteristics, the same values, the same traits, as those who represented  the erstwhile civilisation which is now wiped out? Will they be physically the same – or will they be different, having to adapt to a different set of circumstances, maybe a new atmosphere? Not a fanciful scenario, in the event of a nuclear holocaust. It is possible that mankind undergoes a mutation as a result of radiation –or as a result of “genetic engineering” (as we saw earlier in the study) by space invaders! (More on this theme later)


Supposing however that nothing untoward does befall mankind, and the inexorable scientific march of progress continues. All illnesses and injuries could be cured. The aging process could be slowed down considerably- or even halted (almost) totally. Death could be a thing of the past so that it becomes eventually voluntary. Cloning will have made giant strides. It is not easy at this early stage in the process to prognosticate, but clearly in a sense an individual could live on indefinitely, outwardly the same as another (inwardly is different matter). Notable, high-achieving individuals could be cloned, but whether they would be as successful is at this stage a moot point. Cloning is a two edged sword of course, which can be used for good –or for ill. Allied to this is genetic engineering, whereby for example, “designer babies” are created.  Breeding expressly for organ “donation” for a sibling say, is a development which causes concern (at the moment) but which may be commonplace and acceptable in the future. I can see hardly any limit to scientific advance: some of  which will be beneficial, some not. There is also the so-called science of cryptonics (preservation of a body in very low temperatures) which at the moment seems fanciful but which may have something to recommend it. “Spare part” surgery seems to be an assured development for the future, whereby organ “donation” is required.  The use of artificial organs appears to be an ever increasing feature, in surgery.


In the midst of all this physical advance, how goes the spiritual and the philosophical? Time now to consider a different matter. This involves the return of the “gods” – and the giants. As we saw in our consideration of Sitchin`s theories the astronauts, having invaded earth and dominated it and the inhabitants in the remote past, left earth and returned to their own planet, Nibiru.  They were the bilical Nephilim or “giants” (because of their huge size) or the Anunnaki as they are more correctly called who were space travellers. The planet, Niburu circles the sun once about every 3,600 years, so according to the premise of THE TWELFTH PLANET, the spacemen are due to return this millenium, when once again their planet is near to earth. Will they be again willing to impart their advanced knowledge and skills to humanity – in whom they might be disappointed. From them may for instance come information about medication, drugs, and so on, which might be used to improve the human race and/or to preserve it. They will also appreciate the fact that food production will have to be increased –or the earthly diet will have to be changed. In time a new and different breed of humans will arise (which as we have just said could come about as a result of a global catastrophe). But here we are considering the influence of a returned advanced species upon Man.
It is logical to presume the mores of the “new” race/civilisation will be different from those of the present day, especially if “we” in the future are nurtured by extraterrestials who once came, saw and conquered. An intriguing question is: what will be the place of traditional religious belief, and related areas, such as mediumship, occultism, present day witchcraft? Perhaps there will be no need or desire for them. A sort of theocracy will no doubt arise, whereby worship of God will be worship of the alien leader –if faith in the Bible is irrevocably undermined.


Maybe one reason for what now seems a mistranslation of “Nephilim” is that the Nephilim were tall, very. And that is why the word is often translated as “giants”.So when the spacemen return, the giants must perforce do also! However in the Bible we get the impression that by and large the giants were bad and warlike. Their origin seems questionable and baleful.  Why were they allowed on the earth in the first place (if the Creator knows all things? Perhaps to threaten sinful Man. If their origin was somehow diabolic, perhaps they were nurtured by an evil force. One possibility entertained   is that they were on earth in  order to prevent or help to prevent the birth or rise of a Messiah.
On the other hand, in our different scenario, where mankind is not subject to extraterrestial influence,  God may in fact, visit giant beings on the earth  expressly to be benign: to help us (or the remnant) to develop anew, and to guide us.  Perhaps once again, Man may speak to God and He will once again intervene or react in human affairs so that physical and/or mental giants will form part of the Divine Plan.
Let us consider how (apart from the above) giant beings (or giantism) may arise. Nutritional advances by humanity or more likely by special nutrition from the Nephilim could cause them (or it). If there are two in the previous sentence, the third one is caused by interbreeding: humans with extraterrestials, (as seen in the biblical account). In history or more accurately in prehistory, giantism occurred as a result of planetry influence in our solar system.  As we read earlier, animals (dinosaurs) were bigger then and so it seems was everything, including Man. This situation may arise again whereby the earth changes its orbit, speed, its “wobble”, affecting techtonic plates and other geographical features,  maybe as a result of other planets` change which may affect their magnetic pull on the earth. As a result mankind may grow taller. (We grow to our average height as a result of the force of gravity on/in the earth; we are adapted to the exigencies of tasks which are themselves related to earth`s gravity.)


Some people believe there are aliens on earth already, and indeed books have been written on this theory. Perhaps they came from UFOs which landed secretely in some remote area. The question arises: what is their purpose? Their aim? One presumes if they have not been identified that they possess or have taken over the bodies of humans. Do they intend to take over the earth, eventually by some means?  Are they the “agents” of the “god-spacemen”, who have come to prepare the way? Will the astronauts have  the same agenda – to take over the world? Will the giant beings (Nephilim/Anannuki) who descend to the human world have as their ultimate aim the rule of the earth? I think what we have got to keep in mind is the caveat that we may not be the only sentient beings in the world (or universe); in fact, as we pondered earlier in the study, it is arrogant of us to believe that intelligence and feeling is attached only to human beings/bodies: there may be other life (of whatever kind) in the universe of a totally different order from our own, or from what we know,  that is capable of existence and capable of exercising power: emotional, intellectual – even physical. We may call these demons or angels, or Sons of the “gods” – or giants or aliens! Or whatever!
Giant beings, threatening or friendly, can of course come from planets other than Niburu.  It is not impossible (is anything in our context?) that earth may have visitors in the future from planets in other solar systems. Niburu is not the only candidate. Huge beings could be created on this planet (huge in the sense of tall) by altering the genes of humans – by the settlers from space. This could also come about as a result of interbreeding (between humans and spacepersons). Humanity`s masters in the future might be in need of “slave” labour, and giants would come in handy. The pituitry glands of people could be medically treated, stimulated, to produce artificial growth which would be well within the compass of the advanced races we are discussing. In short, some type of mutation is possible in the future whose aim would be to improve Man`s lot and make  him better able  to face his destiny. Man`s ancient gods and giants may return in the fullness of time – as Man`s future gods and giants.
We began this final chapter with a speculation about the possible future of  Man. We had a look at several scenarios.  Some prognostications were stated as food for thought. Some of the forecasts of such as Cayce were discussed and these tended to show optimism provided a religious demeanour was observed. However it seems as if  there are more pessimistic outlooks for mankind than optimistic. Next we had a brief look at the UFO phenomena – and their purpose. There are as we read grounds for belief in a favourable future for mankind  – especially scientific. The spiritual and/or the religious  future of man is debatable. We mentioned a world dominated, governed, by the returning “gods” and giants:  do they represent our development in the future?


Most of the books I have used for reference and information are mentioned in the text. Below is a list of some of the most readable (and well used!) books. There are of course many others, such as  various Bible editions, commentaries and concordances. The Internet can provide much relevant information as well.
Bauval: (& Gilbert): THE ORION MYSTERY
Drake: GODS AND SPACEMEN; there are several in this series
HENRY: (His commentary on the Bible – a monumental work)
Norvill: GIANTS
Sitchin: THE TWEFTH PLANET (and all his subsequent books in the EARTH series)
Soggin: (Introduction to) OLD TESTAMENT and his books on similar subject

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D