Picasso, it said. (for several years)
Upon the toilet walls, is balls. He has arrived!
Explicit criticism from the common man –
No fooling him: he sees things as they are :
Confidence tricks, to lure the “experts”
Who daren’t affirm they do not like
Or do not comprehend.
Trad art,
Where one can see the form and shape
Is life-like
Is people’s preference.
Side-eyed monsters,
With mis-shapen limbs and bodies
(what many painters see
or rather make pretence to see
do not convince the paying public
of cubism or pop.
To shock`s the aim of modern art
With abstracts and impressionism.
It`s different , experts say;
Let`s have it on display;
Blow the expense!
Dead pickled sheep and piles of bricks
Are art; as is an unmade bed.
Beauty`s in beholders.
But for the public
Seeing`s not believing. No pretence here.
The avant-guarde`s the sacred cow
That draws the people, out of curiosity
While cognoscenti in crowds
Pretend an understanding
They don`t really have.
It is expectedof them to defend –
Attempt an explanation , if they can,
What basically is non-art.
The honest critics of our time
It seems , frequent the loos of night clubs,
Unfazed to write upon the walls
What many people think.

Last week some literary criticism appeared
Upon the wall: T.S. Eliot is also balls.
There`s hope for British education yet!

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D