After the line-up of contestants
In the Landesmeisterschaften
Comes the individual posing.
The International Federation
Of Body Building meet`s attracted
The world`s best female physiques.
Comparative posing`s over;
Personal displays must now be given.
Upon the stage stands Sandie
waiting for her music to begin
Rhythmically and smoothly she
Displays her muscles, singly or in groups.
No bathing beauty contest this,
The non-traditional female body`s
what the speccies want to see.
Shouts and whistles encourage her
In her endeavours. Many hours training
Have gone into this moment.
Black hair, brown eyes, attractive smile,
A lovely tan – great advert for the sport
And model for others. She shows
What can be achieved.
Muscles bulge beneath the skin but all
Are in proportion: a perfect blend
Of symmetry and size.
No part`s neglected: legs, shoulders
Arms, waist developed equally.
Such combination cannot be denied;
To much acclaim she wins the title:
Damenlandeschaften Siegerin

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D