“Why don`t I have a face lift?”
I asked aloud. while looking at the mirror…..
hoping it wouldn`t answer back
As in the faery tale!.
A few more years is all we want –
But must be “at the top” –
You rightly state. And I agree:
Improve on nature, where we can;
Avoid all graceful growing old –
Our dream…reality, I should say
In this our age of miracles.

(My passport photo said it all –
ten years confirmed my fears;
the face HAD dropped) …
no doubt, as well, .the bosoms flopped!

And as I gazed, it seemed
The eyes grew bags, the mouth grew lines,
The neck more turkey textured;
…..a Dorian Gray reversely pictured.

Expensive, sometimes painful, operations later
My face renewed,
Again I scan the mirror…what would have been
Is gone – for good?
No vision now of future horrors
But only present alterations:
taught skin; no lines or wrinkles
round the mouth and neck
surpass my expectations.

But….I pause awhile….
Afraid to laugh, I`d rather frown
A disapproval than concur;
In case my whole new edifice
Might soon come crashing down!

“The recompense?”, you ask?
“The future limelight “ : my reply;
“The price is small to pay:
I`ve taken off ten years.”
“A future ten? “

“It will be time again!”

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D