“It`s a Way of Life.” he told me.
“Prepared to sweat and strain?
Then it`s for you!
You`d rather miss a meal
than miss a workout?
–Then you`ve arrived!

Once bitten by the bug,
life will revolve
around your training;
a moth attracted by the light –
in your case, pumping iron.

The commitment of the zelot,
the spirit of the seer – imagine these:
….eschew the ample table.

The muscle mag you`re looking at
Is full of “stars” who “made it big”
But only after years of dedication….
In diet and duration.

You must be realistic; no Mr Universe
In a week or two. This way of life
Demands a long apprenticeship.
You ask: a new, strong body?
You have the baton in your kitbag;
The future`s in your hands.
But much pain`s yet to come!

© A.B. Finlay Ph.D